E6S TWS bluetooth 5.0 Headset Digital Display Earphone Wireless Stereo In-ear Headphones with Charging Box for Xiaomi Huawei

The light in the digital display position is green, and there is a certain deviation from the picture. If you mind, please do not place an order. If you have other questions, you can contact customer service and wish you a good experience!!

Earphone Pairing method
1. Take out the charging bin or press and holid left and right carphones multifunctional button for 3 seconds to press on until the red and blue lights flash alternately, enter the ear search pairing state.
Anter the ear pair automatic matching, and match the main ear (right sar) the red and blue lights are flashing alternately, the secondary ear isfiashing slowly, and the paired ear is successfully played.
2. Start the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone or other devices.
Ifit is an Android mobile phone or device, click the Search for Bluetooth device. When search for the model of the Bluetooth headset After that, click to open the link; When the pairing is successful, the main (right) earphone will be a prompt to connect successfully, and the left and right earphone will turn blue and flesh slowly, and enter the connection standby state.
After the pairing is successful, the most important ear is the right channel. The secondary ear is the left channel.
3. The two sarphones can also be combined with the cell phone separately Tns oparaliorn mglhod can be operated according to the above step 2 operation method.

- bluetooth 5.0
With the 5.0 version of the bluetooth chip, the call effect, compatibility functionality and other aspects have been significantly improved, no jam delay
- In-ear "Painless" Design
Fit the ear canal, comfortable and feelless, sports can not afford to lose
- LED Electricity Display Screen
Add a new power display, charging cabin, Headphone Power at a glance
- Single (double) optional use
Two connection modes can be used to connect the same cell phone at the same time, or single headphone, which is equivalent to two separate headphones


General Specification
  Brand  Bakeey
  Model  E6S
  Color  Black
  Wearing Type  In-ear
  Material  ABS
  Net Weight (g)  4.6g
  Dimensions (cm/ inch)  62*27.5mm
Technical Parameters
  Microphone  Yes
  Wired Control  Not support
  bluetooth Version  5.0
  Transmission Distance  10m
  Waterproof Level  IPX4
  Impedance  32Ω
  Frequency Response  20-20KHz
  Battery Capacity  Earphone:45mAh,3.7V
  Charging Case:300mAh,3.7V
  Charging Time (h)  1-2h
  Taking Time  3h
  Working Time (h)  4h
  Standby Time (h)  40h

Package  Included:

  1 pair of E6S TWS bluetooth Earphone
  1*Charging Case
  1*Charging Cable

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